Proper Diseases Analysis and Treatment for Healthy Life - Stop Prostitution

Proper Disease Analysis and Treatment for Healthy Life

Women’s trapped in sex trade since past, but now dareto escape from this industry to start a new life, have been offered a new lease of life by Guruji’s this initiative. However since they have been in adverse situations for long, some of them have been suffering from several diseases.

With the grace and guidance of Guru ji himself, their proper diagnosis and all other necessary treatment is being done by the qualified medical practitioners. Guru ji have taught them how to start a new life, keeping these symptoms at bay by treating them specifically. And once they are free of their diseases, they do have the option to settle in a normal married life too, like any other member of the society.

At Dera Sacha Sauda, the marriages of these ex-sex workers have been arranged with young volunteers (Bhaktyodhas) who have themselves vowed to eradicate forced prostitution.

Also, a living environment too has been developed with all the necessary amenities and facilities for these women at Dera Sacha Sauda only. Before their marriage, during this period of their stay, all these women are cared by Sat Brahmachari Sewadar Behans (sisters).