Conversation with Bhagat Yodhas - Stop Prostitution

Talks with Bhakt Yodha Brother Rahul Insan, Perth, Australia: IST 2200 Hrs. Dt. 02-09-2010

What inspired you to join the team of Bhakt Yodha's?
I got the inspiration from my Revered Guru "Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan"(PITAJI) who is my source of all inspirations & the driving force behind my humble self. Whatever I do or think, is as per HIS guidelines (vachans) and wishes only (HUKUM). When HE himself guided and exhorted that some young, unmarried devotees (premis') are required who can willingly wish to come forward to marry such girls who would be leaving the menace of prostitution behind, I couldn’t stop myself to be a part of that change.
Did your parents raise any opposition to it?
No, not the least. Both of them are associated with "Dera Sacha Sauda" since beginning. It is my good fortune that they both supported my views so it has been really great of them. Even if had they not supported me, I would have still stayed firm on my decision, because what PREACHER (GURU) guides, the parents can never think upto that vision as it’s only the True GURU, who knows it all.
How do you think coping the social stigma around you?
It is so that once you have started on this holy path so HE who created this track would take care of all these things as well and when once PITAJI has blessed the name "SUBH_DEVIS" to these girls HE must have already thought the consequences and would control all those.
Do you feel any change in your life after doing this?
Yes, a lot. It appears that all around has changed. It appears that in every particle of the body an eternal happiness always exists which can not be expressed in words neither written nor spoken, it can only be felt. I have no words which could explain this happiness & deep contentment which always remains and keeps adding and soothing the soul. Towards the deeds which are against guidelines(vachans) and are not justified for us, heart does not tempts us what to say about doing any of the forbidden acts.

Talks with Bhakt Yodha Brother Rajendra Insan, Perth, Australia: IST 2210 Hrs. Dt. 02-09-2010

Why you opted to be a Bhagat Yodha?
Because our PREACHER(GURU JI) wants to bring back those girls who are living a hell-like life in prostitution, to our main social stream. And we are committed to follow all his guidelines(vachans) and it has been sermonised that whosoever follows guidelines(vachans) would be benefitted greatly in both the worlds.
What is your message to your fellow-aged's?
My request to all is that instead of wasting their lives in needless activities, they should better follow guidelines(vachans) in true sense and spirit to the fullest.
If you have a son, what would be your advice to him?
I shall try to up-bring a true human in him which i believe that i shall be able to do with the blessings from our Esteemed Preacher please.
What if he also wanted to be Bhagat Yodha?
I will not interrupt if he would also prefer to be a BhaktYodha, the same way my parents did not interrupt me. Our Murshid-e-Kamil blesses these girls among the High Status of His own daughters and the contentment to marry a daughter of our Revered Guru Ji cannot be expressed in worldly means of expressions.